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Joshua Maheu




Joshua Maheu, in a riot of colors, signs a jewel of short cinema, unique in its style. If the most surprising thing is the strong identity of the film, which distinguishes it from the thousands of other shorts produced every year, it is the sensitivity that then accompanies and cradles us for the rest of this wonderful film.


With a somewhat naive style, “L’Arpège” paints (perhaps this is the most suitable term) an engaging and very delicate work, which becomes a much broader sensory experience than a simple cinematic story. Through this elaborate and exciting “mise en scene” the film is able to express with tender empathy the depth of memories, hope and the link that exists with creativity.

With a poetic and evidently mature visual narrative, the director reconstructs a small universe that seems only to touch reality, giving us a nostalgic and almost dreamlike atmosphere. Through this aesthetic filter, Joshua Maheu opens to us a glimpse of his imagination, and the cinematic experience becomes intimate and engaging, like a whispered secret. A praise to the soundtrack that not only enhances the narrative, but becomes a fundamental part of the script.

On the other hand, the dialogical structure is set on the same tone of music, in a perfect combination between music and silences, which perhaps reflect the whole nature of the protagonist. The film never seems to lose its balance, remaining in all its components perfectly in line with Maheu’s beautiful poetics. Thanks to this rare and exciting cinematic coherence, the short seems to last much longer, extending lightly on the notes of the piano, which remain in mind for a long time, after the end.

- Prisma Film Awards 2019

2020, L'Arpège wins Best Women's Short Film & a Special Jury Award for Best Student Film at UIFF 2020.


2020, Sugar places as a Semifinalist at ScreenCraft's TV Pilot Competition.

2020, L'Arpège is nominated for Best Student Film at the Vancouver Short Film Festival.

2020, L'Arpège wins Best Soundtrack at the Reale Film Festival.


2020, Sugar wins a Finalist Awards for Best TV Script at the Wiki Screenplay Contest.


2020, L'Arpège is officially selected for Seize The Film Festival.


2020, L'Arpège wins Finalist Awards for both Best Short Film and Audience's Choice at the 1904 Deaf Film Festival.

2020, L'Arpège wins a Finalist Award in the Best Short Film category at the "Eurasia Fest" International Film Festival.

2019, L'Arpège is nominated for Best Short Film, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design & Best Hair & Best Female Lead at the Roma Independent Prisma Awards.


2019, L'Arpège is officially selected for the private Lift-Off Paris International Online Festival.

2019, L'Arpège wins a Finalist Award for Best Short Film at the Florence Film Awards.

2017, S.U.G.A.R. wins at the North American Film Awards.

Paris Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2019
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FINALIST - Wiki Screenplay Contest - 202
SEMIFINALIST - ScreenCrafts TV Pilot Com
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Uruvatti Internatio
NewWest_Official Selection (Black).png
WINNER - Best Womens Short Film - Uruvat
Special Jury Award - Best Student Short