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Montreal-born screenwriter/director Joshua Maheu’s mission is to showcase the stories of underrepresented voices. From people with differing abilities to Queer culture,
Joshua aims to shape the world into a more inclusive place.


Joshua Maheu first pursued an educational path in Communications Studies at Concordia University, in Montreal, before fully committing to his passion of storytelling.

Within his curriculum, his final film project S.U.G.A.R. (2017) truly led him to his filmic debut while winning his first award at the North American Film Awards.

After completing his bachelor’s degree, his pursuit took him to the sought-after Vancouver Film School where he completed a one-year film production degree. During said year, he wrote and directed his most recent award-winning success: L'Arpège (2019).

Having curated summers and worked at camps for children with disabilities for ten years, his latest project L’Arpège remains a truly introspective and intimate project. He wrote the piece as a response to the representation of people with disabilities in cinema.


L'Arpège has won Best Soundtrack (2020 Reale Film Festival), Best Women's Short Film and a Jury Award for Best Student Film (2020 Uruvatti International Film Festival) along with six finalist awards for Best Short Film and an Audience's Choice (1904 Deaf Film Festival); while having accumulated multiple official selections worldwide.

 As he is excited to conclude L’Arpège's festival run, Joshua is currently working on his feature debut.

2022, Les Petites Garces places in the Top 10 at the Emerging Screenwriters Competition.


2021, Sugar is showcased as the Top 9% on Coverfly's Red List.

2021, Sugar places as a Second Rounder

at Austin Film Festival.

2021, Sugar places as a Semifinalist at Screencraft's Virtual Pitch.

2021, Les Petites Garces gets requested by Paramount+ Originals.

2021, Les Petites Garces places as a Second Rounder at Launch Pad's Pilot Competition.

2020, L'Arpège wins Best Women's Short Film & a Special Jury Award for Best Student Film at UIFF 2020.

2020, Sugar places as a Semifinalist at ScreenCraft's TV Pilot Competition.

2020, L'Arpège is nominated for Best Student Film at the Vancouver Short Film Festival.

2020, L'Arpège wins Best Soundtrack at the Reale Film Festival.

2020, L'Arpège wins a Finalist Awards for both Best Short Film and Audience's Choice at the 1904 Deaf Film Festival.

2020, L'Arpège wins a Finalist Award in the Best Short Film category at the "Eurasia Fest" International Film Festival.

2019, L'Arpège wins a Finalist Award for Best Short Film at the Florence Film Awards.

Paris Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2019
Florence_Film_Awards Black 2.png
laureat official selection 2020 (Black).
Eurasia_Fest (Black).png
FINALIST - Wiki Screenplay Contest - 202
SEMIFINALIST - ScreenCrafts TV Pilot Com
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Uruvatti Internatio
NewWest_Official Selection (Black).png
WINNER - Best Womens Short Film - Uruvat
Special Jury Award - Best Student Short
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